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Constant Jewelry

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

The search for Jewelry is a modern day Safari whether it is scouring the boutiques or surfing the web. There is certainly no shortage of product, but to find the right piece, that one of a kind, look at me, I am working it for this outfit, well, that can be a challenge. There is no doubt that there are some very creative designers out there so what do we do to connect with the one special style we are looking for?

Widening our search will result in great benefit. Hot items are always center stage and friends are happy to accommodate with the information to put us in touch. If you are searching though for something with your individual stamp on it, we hope this is one time you fall into a great find. The appeal of comfortable jewelry that is relaxed not just for work but into the night goes along with a favorite outfit that always makes you feel special. The great all rounder that is at ease with a wardrobe that is as diversified as you are and will get the recognition of how hard it works for you.

Sophistication that is understated makes you the trendsetter not the one who follows. The designs that include Sterling Silver, whether antique pieces or newly made beads offer a timelessness and basic foundation of the creation. Silver, alone or together with old Monks Amber carved by hand, cool Jade or chunks of Turquoise, bring a pleasure of design for just one time and just for you.

The search for the rare and really unusual pieces to make a necklace unique, is time consuming and at times fruitless, but when you are lucky enough to discover a fabulous find, the time spent searching is well worth the effort. Designers chose China, Thailand, Laos, Tibet and India as the hunting ground for this particular Safari and whilst not all hunts are successful, some really are.

The style and design of the new and unique collections are the result of the hunt for the rare and different. Time is the ingredient for the search and with the findings come trendsetter designs that will have you the envy of all. Jade and Silver, Turquoise and Amber all give their special talent to becoming a special treasure.

Whilst living in the Orient for 23 years Barbara was able to learn jewelry and is able to speak enthusiastically about the subject. Please take a minute to gain further information at Barbara’s Jewelry Box. To view a collection of ‘one of a kind’ Wearable Art also visit Naga’s Jewelry. You will find items on view quite delightful and also very exclusive. Thank you for visiting with us. Aloha from Hawaii.

Just Wasted A Ton Of Money On A So Called Niche ?

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

The term Niche marketing is bandied about by online marketers like it’s the cure for all ills. You can’t turn around in one of those heavily trafficked internet seminars where thousands meet to “find the cure” without running into half a dozen splinter groups discussing the merits/demerits ( but mostly merits ) of tightly focused Niche marketing.

So, for the newbies amongst us, what is niche marketing? Can we eat it, buy it, use it up or make the ecology green with it?

So how would we define it ? * It’s the current fad, but its not ( This one has really long legs ) * It’s not going to be a good Xmas present – so don’t look for it * It’s not going to make anything bigger longer or … ( u get the msg ) * It’s not likely to be a new job opening anywhere soon

Niche Marketing – An example

I am going to make up a definition on the fly here. Niche marketing is marketing that is directed very specifically at a very narrow vertical market segment. So, let’s try this one.

Marketing to those that buy – runners. Niche or not? Not – Nike runners. Niche or not. Not (What did that surprise you?) – Nike marathon capable running shoes. Niche or not? Feeling the sun yet ? – cpu enhanced marathon capable Nike runners. Niche or no Niche? Jackpot !

So, the warmth of the sun is shining on our face, its going to be a great day. We can now see the light, yaddy yaddy, yaw. So where do we go from here? We have accurately identified a niche right? And isn’t that what everyone is talking about? Do we stock up now or wait for Christmas?

If you want to lose your shirt go ahead! That was a joke, don’t do it. Please don’t think that I slipped and just told you about my huge money maker and have now decided to take it back. Further from the truth we could not be. We have an unproven premise here.

The little questionnaire is not the process used to find a niche market product or service. You really need a tool for that. It can be done manually but searching hundreds of ideas manually isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. That was merely an example of what a niche market might look like, but for any number of reasons, I would never enter that marketplace – and I don’t much care if 4 of my marathon running friends ask me for those specific shoes next week.

So was that a poor example of a Niche Market ?

It might be and maybe it wasn’t but we don’t know that yet. When doing this kind of research one has to remind oneself that people use specific key words when searching for a product or service. Only the search engines, search engine tools ( like KeyWordwatcher ) really know what is being searched for. And unfortunately only niche marketing software tools can give one the market intelligence needed in order to make a business decision.

If we know how many people are searching for the product and how many competing websites there are, isn’t this enough information to quantify this as a niche product? Wasn’t this what groups traditionally used to make their decision in the past? Well, it was, but it’s not enough anymore. There are tools out there now that can make a newbie 10 times more efficient and powerful than the traditional analysis used just 6 months ago.

Perhaps you are experienced and know that this was not the process used to find niches. Perhaps you are still using the tools inside google adwords, or google trends or KeyWordwatcher. They are time tested and have worked wonderfully for the past few years but a newbie using a niche market tool and having little or no knowledge of the existing search tools from Google could blow you and I out of the competitive water in less than 5 minutes.

A specialty software tool will use those numbers and up to two dozen or more variables, including rating scores on competition based not only on whether the key words show up in the sites ( which is not necessarily competitive ) but also whether the keywords are in the url, the domain or titles. The same tool might also check for commercial or non-commercial articles for article publishing as well as opening clickbank for affiliate products and opening up other affiliate product searches to verify that there are related affiliate products. And this might be 1/10th of what a commercial niche tool based product might do for you.

Finding Niche Products is now so easy, even a newbie can do it. It does not require the in-depth type of intelligence that former adwords professionals used to use. Follow the links back to the videos. In 2 minutes you will be convinced.

Something new in keyword research. There is something called commercial intent. Microsoft has an online program that enables one to determine to some degree whether a searched for phrase has stronger commercial intent than research behind it.

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SEO Marketing Services in Toronto Can Assist Your Website

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Creating a website is made to draw unique visitors to it can be quite difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Usually clever SEO will help you to get those visitors viewing your website. Search engine optimisation or SEO is the name of the method used to enable a website to gain a good ranking on a search engine. If you are looking for a way to get a good ranking SEO services Toronto can assist your website. So how do they do this?

Before any plan can be created the SEO service will study your website. This will give them the chance to see where the site is letting itself down and not getting the visitors it deserves.

As soon as your website has been analysed it is time to look at what the keywords for your site should be. These are the words that people searching for something in particular might type into their search. For instance if your website is about crafting, specialising in card making your keywords might be cards / paper crafts / card stock and so on. Your SEO service Toronto will help you to come up with these keywords.

Keywords are often overlooked and this is bad news for any website. Thankfully keyword related activities are usually covered as standard in any SEO service and you should not pay more for this.

Next it is time to outline a plan of what needs to be done with your website. Often this will involve changing what is written on the site and linking back to it. Many website owners also like to have articles on directories that lead people back to their site. Once again SEO service Toronto can do this for you.

Next it is time to start creating new website content – many of the SEO services will also writing as one of their services. Having an SEO service do this for you can save you a lot of time and can be done for quite a reasonable price.

SEO services will also analyse your website each month to show you how your website is progressing in terms of the various search engines. It is every websites aim to have a first page ranking for their keywords. First page rankings are so important as the majority of people using a search engine will not look further than the second page of results.

These are just a handful of the ways in which SEO services Toronto can help you and your website. SEO services can be as in-depth or general as you like depending on what your website needs.

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What a Good Search Engine Optimization Service Provider Can Do For You

Friday, October 30th, 2009

At the time you launch your website, no one will be aware of its existence unless you have spent a lot of money in advance advertising. Even after its launch, without some form of internet marketing, its presence will continue to be unknown. That is why you need to understand all about what search engine optimization is, and what it can do for you.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a way to ensure that your website is noticed by search engines, which helps people to find it. If you properly optimize your website, you will be able to obtain a high search engine ranking, which means that more people will visit your site. The more traffic that you are able to bring to your site, so more money you will make, so it makes sense to find yourself a good search engine optimization company.

Many website owners are now aware of the benefits of employing a good SEO service provider, and so the number of SEO companies has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. Obviously some are better than others but you should be able to find a good one at a reasonable price.

By finding out which keywords are being most popularly used by people searching your market sector, you can sprinkle these same keywords throughout your website and this will attract visitors via the search engines. But search engines are constantly changing what are called their algorithms, which basically means the criteria that they use when ranking websites. A good SEO service provider will be fully aware of how the search engines, work, what their latest algorithms are, and can therefore keep your site updated to reflect the current trend.

There is a lot of trial and error work that goes into figuring out search engine algorithms, which is why it is better to hire a company that has already figured it out than to try to do it yourself.

The search engines themselves constantly change their algorithms which can make it difficult for search engine optimization companies to keep up to date with, but this is very important because if your SEO company continues to satisfy the old algorithms only, your page ranking will drop.

One of the top rated SEO service providers is an Australian company that trades under the name of “Worth Overdoing”. They have a first class reputation and are renowned for keeping up to date with the latest algorithms employed by all of the major search engines. They employ experienced, skilled specialists who cover the complete range of SEO techniques and methodologies needed to maximize any website’s page ranking and to keep it maximized too.

Worth Overdoing will come up with the perfect marketing strategy for your company, which is why they are a leading search engine optimization company in Australia. Learn more about how we can build a solution for your company and start letting the world know about you, today!

Make Money Writing Online – How to Earn Money Using Blogs

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

If you really want to succeed in internet marketing and increase your online profits through blogging, then you need to follow these tips that will help you to make your blogging a success.

Step 1 – Finding an Informative Niche of Interest

Think of a unique niche or topic that fits your personal interest and something that you would like to blog about for life. You can use keyword research services like Google Zeitgeist or Yahoo! Buzz Index to find popular searched topics.

Step 2 – Create Your Blog

There are many blogging platforms to choose from. Though it is always best to blog with a domain and a paid host, if you are new to blogging, I would advice you to start with a free blog at first like Blogger because there is so many things you have to learn.

You need to include the keywords in Step 1 in the content of your blog. Try not to overuse these as it sends out bad signals to the search engines, and this is 100% not what you want.

Step 3 – Google, Google, Google

Signing up for Google Adsense will probably not make you a millionaire but it is an instant way of generating a small amount of money just by inserting the adsense code in the margin of your blog. When an ad is clicked on, Google will pay the publisher about half of what the Adwords advertiser is paying to run the ad. Google gets the other half.

Use Google Analytics to track your website performance and anonymous visitor behavior with the installation of a simple JavaScript snippet.

You may also want to submit your URL to Google’s index.

Step 4 – Find Something to Sell

If you don’t want to sell anything and are happy with the income Google Adsense is bringing in then you can skip this step. If you want to maximize your income and truly learn How to Make Money with Blogs you will want to find an affiliate program to join. A couple of affiliate programs I would suggest are ClickBank and Commission Junction. You can sell anything from office furniture, pet supplies, movies and clothing to PC games, Dieting tips and Audio software.

The program you joined will provide you code that you will need to insert into your blog, but be sure you do this correctly or you WILL NOT earn money from your visitors. If you do not know how to edit HTML, W3Schools HTML tutorial is a great place to start.

Step 5 – Social Bookmarking

There is no better advertising than word of mouth, but the next best thing is social bookmarking. You will want to make things easier for people to do this. Social bookmarking sites I use and recommend are OnlyWire and SocialMarker and they are used for people to share their bookmarks or websites that they have liked with other people in their online community.

I would not suggest you add your own links to these services, but provide visitors to your website the ability to do so.

Step 6 – Write an Article

Whether your blog is about a specific product, for example a certain MP3 Player you are promoting, or just about giving people information, I would suggest you to write an article or a review of it. Most article directories require articles of 500 words and over so I would use this as a rule when writing to ensure your article is published.

Submit your article to any of the 100’s which are out there. I personally use a few of the Top Article directories such as EzineArticles, Article Dashboard,, isnare and SearchWarp. I also use a nifty piece of software called Article Submitter which will submit your articles to over 600 article directories, which saves you lots of time and leaves you to focus on writing your blogs.

Blogging offers online marketers the best of opportunities to help feed information to those who need it. As well, growing popularity on the web is not an overnight experience, but through time, dedication, and persistence you will be rewarded with all the royalties of blogging.

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Tips On Achieving The Best Article Marketing For Great Results

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Making the best article marketing campaign can make the world of difference to your advertising campaign for your website business. Regardless of what you use your website for, if you want to make money out of it at all, then you are going to need spend a great deal of time and effort in marketing your website.

Article marketing is also easy but it can be frustrating and time consuming. You need to have as many links to your website is possible, because not only do people click on those links to go to your website, but the more back links you have to your site, the higher your search engine PR will increase.

In order to succeed, you need to have a good understanding of keywords which are picked up by the search engine crawlers. In addition to this, in order to get a higher rank on the search engines, known as PR, you will need to have a large number of back links routing to your website.

There are many ways of getting back links to your website, but one of the most popular and easiest ways to get started is by getting into article marketing. Article marketing basically involves writing articles to publicise your website and tell people about it. In these articles is included a link to your website which people should take on, should the campaign be successful, and thus visit your website.

Make sure that the articles you write are completely relevant to the niche that you are advertising. Nobody wants to read an article all about insurance, if it is only going to direct or a website all about weight loss!

When it comes to writing articles, there are a few general rules. You don’t need to write anything more than five hundred words, and you should aim to do as many articles as you feel comfortable with. Some articles will take a few days to be accepted, but this can be lowered if you pay for certain services.

Your goal is very simple anyway, simply entice your readers to click that link and get more visitors to your site. However, in the process you also have more back links on the Internet coming back to your website, which ultimately means that your search engine PR is going to start to increase further. Since back links and keywords are the two key aspects to search engine optimisation, article marketing is extremely effective.

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Start-up your Online Business with a Web Marketing Ebook

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

The web marketing ebook titled ?Honest Riches? is the ultimate tool that people need to help increase the income of their online business. Those who are beginning to lose their hopes of ever achieving their desired website traffic are slowly seeing hope. They no longer need to endlessly look for a web marketing ebook as they now have what they have long been looking for and there is no way but up.

The “Honest Riches” web marketing ebook makes people more confident in utilizing internet marketing. Beginners who are looking for a complete and easy to understand guide on how to do internet marketing should try this web marketing ebook. This web marketing ebook does not teach you those get rich easily schemes, but gives you a guide on what internet marketing strategies you need to know and how to do things properly to be able to sell your products. Also this web marketing ebook presents a number of methodological methods when it comes to acquiring more internet visitors. When all these instructions in web marketing ebook are followed very carefully there is a huge probability that you will become victorious in your business.

What A Good Web Marketing Ebook Can Provide You

A lot of people come up with their own versions of a web marketing ebook that is aimed to teach those who do not have the skill to do internet marketing. What you can typically learn in a web marketing ebook is the entire link building process which helps you to succeed in your internet marketing venture. But being optimistic and having the right attitude helps a lot since internet marketing is a difficult process.

One may learn how to do affiliate marketing, write product reviews, create a good website design and learn how to use good content as included in the web marketing ebook. It will also teach you how to increase the traffic of your site through the help of different techniques when it comes to placing your articles or advertising on different sites, and how to use search engine optimization to its maximum level. When you are armed with web marketing ebook, you will be sure that you only get the best opportunity because this will give you the chance to have a business website that is very professional-looking for free or in some case, for a very low price. Those who have no knowledge on putting up a website may even have their site done by the creators of a web marketing ebook. They also offer the feature, on which you can be able to use an admin panel with so much ease, such as how to alter and modify all the functions, certain elements, images and other links.

With the help of web marketing ebook, promoting your products online has only gotten better than ever.

Richard is proficient in providing guidelines on Web Marketing Ebook. If you are interested, he may also help you in choosing an affiliate marketing strategy. To have more of these, check out:

Secret Marketing Tip That Will Build Your List!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

I’m going to share with you why 90% of people fail in this industry and how you can be part of the 10% that make it and achieve financial success by building a list that you can sell to.

So first of all let’s start with why so many people fail…well it’s because they pursue people like crazy! They are new to the internet marketing industry and are so desperate to make their first sale they put people off from joining their business or buying their product with their over enthusiasm and non stop selling tactics!

If all you do is go on about how good your product is without giving any valuable knowledge about your niche you will come over as desperate. You will look unprofessional and if your product/home business was that good then surely it would sell itself. This will not result in list building.

So about now you’re probably wandering how do you do from a desperate broke person to a person that attracts leads and has people calling you up without having to chase anybody….well here you go:

First of all forget the idea of chasing people or targeting people because you need their money; even if you are broke do not let it show!

This is done by branding yourself as a leader within your market by giving valuable information relating to your market, this comes in the form of articles, blog posts, videos etc. You do not have to of been involved with your market for years to have valuable knowledge that can help somebody who has no experience.

By teaching people about your market you gain status amongst the people who are interested in also joining your market (prospects). If you do a video on Social Networking Tips anyone who is interested in Internet Marketing that sees your video will look up to you as you’ve done a video so must know your stuff.

This is branding yourself, not your product and will lead to people wanting to know more about you. They will be willing to give you their details (email address) in order to hear more and this is exactly how list building is done! This might seem glaringly obvious but SO many Internet Marketers do not do this, just go and look on Facebook at all of them that post spammish message with links to their sites; I bet you hardly anyone at all clicks on their links.

Why? Well it’s human nature for everybody who isn’t a leader to want to follow one to gain status and for support. Because I joined my mentor’s team I became associated with him and learned more and grew in the industry. I have now become a leader in internet marketing and have a vast amount of knowledge in the subject, without a mentor it would have taken a LOT longer to accomplish this.

Give valuable information, deliver it with confidence, give yourself value and people will look up to you. They will become part of your list and this is how it’s done! This is what so many supposed mentors never teach, now you know it go out and become a leader!

This article came from the computer of Jonathan Pitts. Jonathan is a highly respected Online Marketing Mentor who is enabling people without any previous experience in this Industry to become successful Internet Marketers too! He does this by teaching them the exact techniques he has used to earn money online. Fed up of the Smoke out there he has produced a Jonathan Pitts to give the facts on Online Marketing.

The Power of Quality Content

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Website content is more than just words on an html page. Content is comprised of all the elements users see and interact with when visiting your website. This includes more than simply words on a web page. Quality content includes words on a page as well as pictures, images, audio, and video. Content may also include RSS feeds, tag clouds and other elements like social media and forums.

By developing content that is well designed and thought through, you can create compelling content that your users value. Whether your content is developed by you or professionally written and designed, when done correctly it can pay huge dividends.

There are many benefits to writing and designing powerful content. This is especially true when focusing on the value of search engine optimized content, images, and other on-page factors. The outcome of good optimization is a steady flow of targeted website visitors.

Producing quality content that is easily seen by search engine spiders can result in much higher search engine rankings. Be sure that your web content involves your audience and creates a dialog with them. The bottom line is that you may have the best optimized content in the world, but if it’s hard to follow you can loose your audience in a heartbeat. Think about where you want your visitors to travel on your site. Your content should draw them to where you want them to go.

As you build relationships through quality content, the likelihood of website visitors becoming customers increases significantly. In addition, these customers will be interested in referring others to your site to share something they value. These referrals are essential for building website traffic and growing your customer base. Think about your website as a viral marketing tool that can make or break your business.

Build links to your site with engaging content. This is how top ranked sites reached the top of search engine results. When content is engaging other sites will link to you creating value from the perspective of search engine optimization. These inbound links improve rankings and traffic over time.

As your quality content delivers more links from third party websites and results in higher search engine rankings, you will receive a nice increase in website traffic. With the right amount of traffic, your opportunity for increased sales and conversions grow exponentially. Good content is worth the investment because you can engage your visitors an determine what elements provide the highest ROI.

The bottom line is that a website without quality content wont survive given today’s competitive market place. consumer have too many choices and aren’t going to waste their time on website that provide no value. Not only does quality content build a loyal following, but it also provides a viral marketing component that sustains your business.

The next time you add content to your website in the form of an article, image, or other elements, do not underestimate the need for quality. It takes very little to generate quality content and it always pays huge dividends.

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Website Marketing: What You Ought To Know Before Starting (Part 4)

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Part 4 of 4. Once your domain name is chosen and your Web hosting is set up, several Webpages are built and linked together to make up your entire Website. Finally, your site is linked to your domain name so that visitors can type this domain name in a browser and view your Webpages.

When a customer does this, they view your site’s pages, images and other multimedia content in their browsers. This content, stored on the web hosting company’s computers, is delivered up via the web servers which they run and maintain on your behalf.

Most of the time, the user agent is a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Netscape, or the program that you used to check out this Webpage. The user agent retrieves content from remote Web servers where the Website is stored and displays it on the visitor’s computer. The visitor can then click on hyperlinks on each Webpage to other Webpages or World Wide Web resources, whose location (including their domain name) is included in the hyperlinks. This is called “browsing” or “surfing” the Web.

To find a Webpage, you can always type the domain name into the address field of your browser such as “”. But what if you don’t know the address? Or what if you want to find all Websites on a specific topic? If you don’t know the address then how can you get there?

This problem is addressed by search engines, of which Google, Yahoo! And Bing (formerly MSN Live) are the most influential. This popularity inspires many webmasters to make them key players in their website marketing campaigns, and inclusion in all of these generates a great deal of free traffic.

Additionally, consider using email to market your Website and business. Email is “a store and forward method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over the internet. Email predates the Internet [and was a crucial technology in its creation.

Email was quickly extended and became a highly useful tool for the online marketers because it costs nothing to send. Plus, an auto-responder system only costs a few bucks a month and makes it’s very easy to build a list of current or potential clients. When you have a list like this, you can then email them automatically with special offers, send them a newsletter and keep you at the top of their mind.

And keeping you at the top of their mind is important to your “viral” success. Take our business, for example, we have a free weekly newsletter that we send out (sign up yourself) to current and potential clients. This gains the trust of our readers such that when people ask them for a Website design or SEM company, they frequently recommend us. To be sure, about 40% of our traffic comes from the three major search engines but the other 60% comes from thousands of other sites, from our newsletter or from our newsletter being forwarded to others. Be sure to check out Parts 1-3.

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