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How to Be a Rainmaker

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Rain- That’s been the climate here in New York for what feels like forever or at least the last bunch of months or so anyway! Let me ask you, at what point did Seattle and the North East Coast make a switch and I was so damn clueless?

Since rain was the topic du-jour this past June/July it makes me recall a seminar on Branding I was privy to given by Ben Mack which I think had the title: “How to Be a Rainmaker” so something similar.

Over the next bunch of articles or so I will endeavor to highlight some of the major parts of this seminar which was comprised of three primary sections: 1) How to make lightning Strike, 2) How to keep the lightning striking and 3) How to Bottle your Lightning.

Those not acquainted who Ben Mack is should know that he ranks among the top dogson Branding today in the country bar none! Mr. Mack (or should I say Dr. Mack) has held tenure some of the most recognized advertizing agencies during his memorable professional undertakings. How does Vice President for Brand Strategy at one of the companies sound to you?

In essence, what that means was he was in charge of a ” billion dollar account (that’s correct, I said ” billion or 500 million smakers)! Do you think he knows what he is talking about? I do, and not only has he worked magic for the many corporations he has worked for, he is also a professional magician who at the age of 19 was the youngest recipient of the Award of Merit given by the Academy of Magical Arts.

So, what is a Rainmaker and why do we want to be one? a Rainmaker, aside from the obvious inference of an indian medicine man or shaman who uses his “magic” help insure a good harvest, is an individual with uncanny ability to attract clients, use political connections and enhance a corporation’s earnings. However, with the rain also follows the the lightning! I will expand more later.

As an internet Marketer your chief duty is to “up sell” individuals on their perception of reality. In Ben Macks book “Think Two Products Ahead” he speaks of how effective branding only occurs when companies think two products ahead rather then thinking in just the here and now and for them to assemble thriving affiliations with their customers by means of their Brand The section in the book where Ben talks about creating your Legend Platform is just fantastic!

The “Brand” (called YOU) is built by using legends or tales that are told over and over and gain strenght with time. These stories should be permitted to say the opposite of what the others say and will increase as the stories get older. So, if you had to make a choice of the type of story you use to make your business shine like a diamond (you are reading articles like this to help you right?) why not let them be legends. A Legendary business is a profitable one!

Look out for the next article in the “Rainmaker and Branding” series coming soon to a blog, e-zine or website near you!

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A Serious Entrepreneur Should Have…

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

If you’re ready to be one of the successful and serious entrepreneur online, there is one thing that you should be ready to invest, and that is the time to do the work that this industry will demand from you.

Each business venture should come with a master plan – that it’s true enough. But if you have the best plan ever made with the most creative and innovative solutions for the problems of today’s market, it would not mean much if you do not have time to implement it. This is related to another reason why many entrepreneurs fail to get their businesses up. It’s because they spend too much time attempting to come up with the ideal business plan, but not particularly doing anything to apply the plan.

The online Community and the major entrepreneur

The web has opened many doors and opportunities for business ventures, and in better times, too, when company jobs were more secure and worth the agony of working for somebody else.

Dabbling around and flitting in and out of your internet enterprise venture was simply a ‘hobby’, or something to do in your spare time to make an extra buck. With the way in which the economy is going and with the certainty of your job on the line, it could be time to take your online business a touch more seriously.

One can disagree that their online business hasn’t given them the same amount of money that a regular paycheck has. But when you start this discussion, try to be fair. Have you spent the same amount of time on it as you’ve got your ‘day job’?

Why you should go browsing

Online businesses are the only types of companies these days that are surviving the typhoons of the economy, and the reason is that it has effectively rid itself of lots of the reasons for business screw ups in actuality. The innovativeness, dynamism, and adaptability of the net market extend not only to the major entrepreneur, but his target audience, too. It is the height of cost-efficiency that even small players have an opportunity of making it big.

What you don’t need to become a heavy businessman for a web business venture is a large 1st capital investment. If you are ready to build from the bottom up, all you really need to start a Web business, to reiterate, is TIME. The well-liked exclaiming is that Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your business. Many folks can truthfully claim that they have made plenty of money in a day, but you have to think about that they didn’t build the businesses that made them that amount of cash in a day.

Patience and endurance

When Thomas Edison was making the light bulb, he did not create it the first time the idea came to his head, nor the second. But he succeeded in finally inventing it by trying repeatedly again and never accepting defeat. Thus, his famous quote: “I have not failed, I’ve only found one of the 10,000 tactics that it will not work.”

if you’d like to be a serious businessman, this is the sort of perspective that you must have. It’s also okay to use another famous line when you do not succeed the 1st time, and that is to ‘go back to the drawing room.’ Changing methods and strategies are fine, but never lose focus. If you have selected your destination, always choose the paths that may take you there. The sole way to be a serious entrepreneur is to think, act, and work like one.

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Take Advantage of Advanced Online Training

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Few people would recognize the World Wide Web today compared to what it was like when it was founded all those decades ago. It’s difficult to imagine that this one-time experiment has become such an important part of our daily lives. Tomorrow it appears that the mobile Internet will become the next big thing, giving many millions more meaningful access to the web and allowing them to really enhance their lives with flexibility and accessibility.

There are so many millions of informative webpages available on the Internet that the concept of advanced online training is very real and available. A large number of people are turning to the Internet as a source of such information, especially since the last recession, and as they work out how to establish their own Internet presence or home-based business.

There is no reason for anyone to wonder around in the dark anymore when seeking information to enable them to consider a new business venture. The sheer size of the web and the amount of competition virtually guarantees that the content of advanced online training will be very useful, informative and focused. People can find out virtually everything that they need to know through just a few clicks, these days.

For those looking for an online business, there are a wide variety of opportunities and some truly advanced online training available to help you succeed. Numerous sites have been developed specifically for communities and are based around forums for an open sharing of knowledge and ideas. In such environments an avid entrepreneur can pick up valuable information for his or her venture.

Few resources on the web are as valuable as membership sites. They are so focused and contain members who have the same goals as you, that anyone seeking to become involved in affiliate marketing or Internet marketing, or to set up a home-based business of any kind, should consider the advanced online training within. One of the other advantages of a membership site is that you can often bypass many of the pitfalls that you would invariably encounter if you chose to go it alone.

Before you start out on a business venture of any kind, especially one that involves Internet marketing or home-based business, you should be sure to complete adequate research. There can be no finer resource than a forum composed of your peers. These people have been there and have made some of the same mistakes that you can avoid by researching before you step in and take on advanced online training.

The online entrepreneur is spoiled for choice when it comes to options for education and development. “Gurus” are particularly experienced net entrepreneurs who have composed a variety of very targeted information products, including audio, videos or e-books. If you want to cover a wider variety of subjects in one go, you can opt for membership in a focused site which will also enable you to pick up information at your own pace.

Advanced online training is a smart investment, should you be considering an involvement in affiliate marketing or Internet marketing or whether you are striking out alone and setting up your own business.

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Six Questions Informative Websites Should Answer To Keep Visitors Interested

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Informative websites are those that will provide all visitors with information that they come to seek and will also keep them coming back for more. There are various online marketing strategies that are used in order to make websites not only appear more interesting, but also to draw attention to the site. Successful websites are not only informative, but they use search engine optimization to get them noticed online. Search engine optimized websites are more successful online than those that are not optimized.

Websites have to be constructed in such a way that they not only provide visitors with necessary information, but that they also make them keep coming back. A good website should be search engine optimized so that it draws visitors. Once they are at the website, however, they need to see more than just a bunch of ads if they are to keep returning.

One way to make a website more interesting and continue to answer questions for visitors is to incorporate the use of a blog. A blog can be updated regularly so that it provides users with all of the up to date information that they need.

Search engine optimized websites should also contain articles that are up to date and answer questions. Informative websites need to have constant content that is current if they want repeat visitors.

Search engine optimized websites need to have a page that will answer the most commonly asked questions for visitors right away. Every informative website should have a FAQ page.

The use of video is an important aspect when it comes to websites as well as online marketing. It is easy to incorporate video onto the site that will keep the visitors entertained, answer questions and wanting to keep coming back.

Anyone who goes to a website will want to have contact information if they have more questions. It is vital that visitors are able to contact the website for further questions.

Above all, a visitor to a website will want to know what the website can do to help them. This is the single most important question a website needs to answer to gain trust as well as encourage visitors to return to the site again and again.

Search engine optimized websites can be a great tool in the world of online marketing. But drawing visitors to the site is not enough. In addition to being user friendly and attractive to look at, informative websites have to provide visitors with the information that they seek that is current and will cause them to return to the website in the future.

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How To Have A Successful Online Business Using Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Working from home is the best job you can have. And interacting with people using social media marketing to advertise your online business can be fun and easy when done properly. This is the key to success. You can do this by using a blog or a website where people can interact with you.

Normally these social media websites allow you to create a profile and share your information. Other people can read what you wrote and become interested to buy your product or service. Social media marketing is a great promotion tool. You will need to work at it but its very satisfying once you master it.

If you have business cards you shouldn’t forget to add your social media URL. People can learn more about your business this way. The key to a successful business is interaction with your clients. You will be able to keep your old clients and get new ones as well. Always try to build new relationships!

One of the most popular social websites right now is Facebook . . It’s very easy to create a profile as well as creating groups for your niche products. This way you’ll always have your own target community. Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year and will continue to grow in the future.

Other popular social websites where you can promote your home based business are Linked In and Twitter. There are literally hundreds of social websites but make sure you choose one that you fell comfortable with and again promote your products in a natural manner.

With all the of social media websites out there you might wonder how you can pick the best one for promoting your internet business. This is very easy to find out. All you need to do is to take some time to read what other are talking about find a niche and target your audience. This way you can see if they would be interested in your products or services. All these social networking sites are free of charge. Take your time to check them!

You should begin to see the results just after a few months. It takes a lot of time and effort to succeed. But Social media marketing is one of the new and best ways to promote your internet business . One of the main advantages is that it’s totally free of charge and it will help you build relationships with other people.

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4 Reasons Why Myspace Friend Adder Elite Is Not A Ripoff

Monday, September 21st, 2009

The thing that strikes me most about the MySpace Friend Adder Elite tool is its ease of use and effectiveness. I was really impressed by the fact that you can figure out the tool yourself with only a few minutes of dabbling.

But, simplicity is just one of the many great things about the MySpace Friend Adder Elite tool. My favorite feature of this tool is the ability to send out targeted friend requests to thousands of people. It allows you to find a MySpace group that has people who share the same interests as you, and then send out friend requests to them. The great thing about this feature is that it eliminates the aspect of randomness from your marketing. Youre not selling hair gel to bald guys, and know that you are focusing on people who are interested in your product in the first place.

The thing that I noticed about this feature was that it works really fast. In a matter of a few seconds, you can see the numbers going up, and voila, you have sent out a 100 friend requests before you know it! There are some other great features on this tool too:

1. Use with multiple accounts: You can use this tool with multiple accounts, so if you promote your business using your personal account and an account with your business name, you can use one tool that works with both.

2. Schedule Bulletins: The great thing about this tool is that it works even if you are asleep. You can schedule bulletins, and then at the designated time, and make it look like a real person is at work all the time.

3. Cost Effective: The single PC license just costs $19.99 and is the most effective MySpace friend adder tool that you can hope for. The low price makes it a very low risk thing for you to try out.

4. Great Support: The product is supported by a staff of great technical people, who are there to walk you through the process, and help answer any questions you may have.

The MySpace Friend Adder Elite tool is a great product that can give a jumpstart to your MySpace marketing campaign, and is a must have in your arsenal of tools to succeed in the online marketing world.

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Review Site Templates Can Make You Money

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Do you want to start making money today? Then, grab some nice looking review site templates and start setting up your first review site in the internet!

There’s a simple reason for the popularity of review sites. They bring some very good results! Most internet marketers who use review sites as part of their online portfolio are raking in some serious money day in and day out. So, if you’re thinking of how to earn some additional income in the light of today’s economic difficulties, review sites may be your surest bet!

Why are review sites becoming one of the internet marketers’ most serious tools in generating online income? Well, it’s because most people who visit these kinds of sites are already in the ‘buying mode’. Hence, it will take a lot less effort to make them reach out for their credit cards and make that purchase! The hard part of convincing them that they need your product is over. All you need is to close that sale. And review sites are one of the most effective tools that can do this for you.

There are a lot of valid reasons why you should consider using review site templates. First, they are very much affordable. You can get a professional looking template for as low as $20. Some templates even come with an unbeatable price tag they’re free! A custom made review site, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from a hundred to as much as a thousand dollars.

Second, you can get started anytime you just need to choose your template, upload it to your hosting account, put in some great content and you’re done! With a custom made review site, it may take weeks before your website designer can come up with the finished product. Let’s face it, communicating with a professional website designer and coming up with the perfect design is not an easy task!

Third, review site templates come in hundreds of designs so you don’t need to worry about finding one that will fit in the niche you are working on. In rare cases that you can’t find one that suits your needs, don’t worry. Most of the review site templates in the market are fully customizable so you can tweak it any way you want.

But perhaps one of the best things in using ready made review site templates is that it allows you to start earning without breaking the bank. There are some good looking templates that may go for as low as $20. There are even some templates that are being offered for free! Now, if you compare that to a custom made review site, which may cost anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars, the difference can be quite overwhelming.

Used correctly, review site templates can be your ticket to greater online success. Use it to your advantage and you’ll surely be satisfied with the results.

The author designs and creates its own landing page designs for affiliate marketing. He also sells high converting review site templates on his store.

How To Build Your Busness With Upselling

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Upsell To Build Your Business

Most companies can make out that color flyers work better than black and white, but what data to believe in can be complicated. How can you get to your customers in the most well organized way possible?

Some companies are frightened of overpowering their customers with too much data when color flyers are used, but intentionally exhibiting more than one service gives purchasers more choices. One means to perform this is in the course of a marketing approach named upselling, which includes revealing special price choices. Another technique, named cross selling, presents additional products that might increase the attention of your clientele.

Keep in mind that you can create a color flyer too threatening if you provide services or products which are not associated. Providing quite a few choices at once can make them feel as if they are in a balancing act of some mode.

For example, while selling a camera, related extra products that would be very helpful might include extra lenses, batteries, additional tapes, or a bigger memory card. You might be presenting too much, although, if you take in digital cameras or even computers. While presenting a Sports Utility Vehicle, comprise a few special models other than those that are similar to your quality item.

Don’t list one lesser priced element on your color flyer. Take in varying costs showing the benefits to every price. A purchaser may like the value of the film camera, but may be let down by the lack of certain features. Showing two other higher priced cameras with special levels of specifications/features will assist them to select the camera which they really needed.

You might also offer package plus elements with higher valued products. A purchaser may see the extra value in buying a package with multiple of the same product instead of buying just one.

Discover how Upsell offers and one time offers can double your sales

Free Ideas To Boost Your Website Traffic

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

You can improve your website traffic today if you want. Let us take into account some no-cost means to further your traffic as pay per click is the most natural solution. Blogging happens to be the most convenient channel and you can set one up for free today, if you do not have one as yet. Use the ping services to spread the word after the writing of posts with keywords related to your theme. Services such as this will enable your link to reach plenty of blog directories and sites. You can get an instant hit in one day, but your website traffic will get a boost the more you do it.

Forums are a Valuable Resource – there is a forum out there for just about any subject and you can usually register for free. Keeping your keyword in mind search on Google for the word forum and then look at what you find, this way you could locate some meaningful forums. You cannot overtly publicize your site however to draw people to your site write rational posts, offer solutions and advice or free information, comment on favorite issues and in no time a multitude of people will be visiting your website for free.

Article writing – some article directories assess your article before posting it to ensure quality, while others do not, so you can submit an article with a link to your site the same day. Some people may even select your article to post them on their websites with your resource box at the end linking them to your site.

Digg it – Digg provides a marvelous opportunity for you to post amusing bits and pieces or a brief summary of your blog post, article post or prose text from your web site. It does not take much time to show up on their highly esteemed and top-ranking pages, once more providing a possible improvement to your website traffic.

Email lists – how can you say that you have not collected a list of emails yet? The astounding fact is that lots of people on the web have not done anything to make their own email list. The advantage of having a list is that it enables you to arrange previously composed messages and send out mass emails at any time calling them to visit your website and benefit from the latest special offers or suggestions and thus improve your website traffic in no time.

Joint ventures may sometimes work in a day and sometimes not. If you receive a newsletter from a website which relates to your issue, try to see if you have anything interesting to offer them and their customers. Obviously, you would offer something of advantage – send a free report, a product, and the list owner and you would share the profit. A good way to boost traffic is to have a large number of names on the lists.

Generating traffic with your Internet Marketing strategy is essential to stay viable online. Find out what you need to know about being successful online, whether you are a product vendor or affiliate marketer free tips and effective techniques.

Affiliate Marketing – With the Wealthy Affiliate University

Friday, September 18th, 2009

The opportunity is there for anyone to make some extra cash online, or even make a full time living earning your income online. Affiliate marketing is the big buzz at the moment, there are those that are telling people you can earn thousands in just your first month. Thats not true, it takes time to accomplish that kind of income, yes it can be done only not in month one. You need a lot of dedication to learn how to do this and get results. If you have the dedication to learn article marketing and affiliate marketing then yes you can earn thousands a month, once you become good at it.

How affiliate marketing and article marketing works is simplicity in its self. There are two main parties, your self and the company you are affiliated with, the third party is the affiliate network, not all affiliates work with the networks, You can go direct to the product seller and cut out the third party, known as the affiliate networks.

Yes it takes a lot of practice and frustration, going from the part timer to the highly paid professional affiliate marketer. This is a business for the dedicated, not the hobbyist.

There is talk on lots of web sites, about how easy this affiliate marketing game is to earn money online. Let me just put some reality in the mix here. Affiliate marketing is not for most people. It takes a lot of work and dedication to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars online and even more dedication to learn the ropes.

The full time dedicated career minded affiliate marketer, makes an effort to improve his/her affiliate business everyday. You dont have time to sit and think hw well you are doing the next campaign needs to be researched.

Find out more about affiliate training at the wealthy affiliate for $39 a month, and become a career minded professional affiliate marketer working on behalf of some of the biggest affiliate networks on the internet. you could also become a wealthy affiliate marketer in time.