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How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Fake Get Rich Quick Schemes

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

The lure of the internet makes it a hot bed for unlimited amounts of false get rich quick opportunities. How can one really know the truth about these schemes? The answer is not that hard once you use some common sense.

Whenever you embark on an opportunity online, there is always one common characteristic;The opportunity always caters to a problem that you may be having. You then become excited, but fail to realize that there was not any solution provided.

They present this great product that is going to change your life because everybody needs this particular product. Then you are left to figure out the marketing plan to actually make the sales.

Most opportunities that are not scams will provide you with all the information you need to succeed including customer support. Whenever you are left to figure the plan and no one can provide any answers, it probably is not a good opportunity.

A legitimate marketing plan is not posting free ads or telling all your friends and family. It has to be a proven marketing plan that entails comprehensive training to prepare you for success. Every successful person has a plan, if they do not share it with you, do not buy their products.

The reason many marketers avoid giving you all the answers is not difficult to figure out. One reason is the fact that the opportunity may not be worth it. The other reason is that they do not really want you to succeed because it would mean less money in their pocket.

A good selling product on the internet can never have too many competitors. In fact, you really don’t want to promote a product with too little competition. The difference in succeeding online or not will be decided by your dedication to your home based business.

Whenever an opportunity cannot provide you with the answers you need to be successful, it should be one that you avoid. If it is as advertised, you should not have any problems with getting all the assistance you need to succeed.

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Advertising Cost and Pay Per Click Marketing

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

The internet has become one source of making money easily and one of the many moneymaking opportunities online is through pay per click marketing. It is not only a popular advertising tool online but it has also given good opportunities for millions of website owners.

Pay per click marketing emerged in 2002 and since its introduction, it has become a popular tool for businesses to advertise their products online. Google also adopted the concept in their popular Google Adwords tool.

Pay per click marketing works by putting your ads on websites. It means you have to make an agreement with website owners to display your ad on their sites. The posting of your ads does not involve cost but when interested online users click on your ad, you have to pay the website owner the agreed rate per click of your ad.

The pay per click concept follows two models of determining the cost. The flat rate model and the bid based model.

If you are to advertise using the flat rate pay per click marketing, a flat rate will be agreed between you and the website owner. It is a fixed rate that you will be paying the website owner per click of your ad. You can also keep a rate card containing the different rates for each particular website or web page.

Bid-based pay per click is quite different in the sense that the cost per click of your advertisement will be based on how much you are willing to pay for an ad space when your chosen keywords are entered in the search engine. Bid-based pay per click can also mean competing with other advertisers in getting the lowest cost per click, as this will be done through bidding.

Whatever model or ways you adopt for your pay per click marketing, it is important to keep in mind the main goal of your pay per click campaign and that is not just getting many clicks to your ad but making sure also that these will be converted to sales.

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The Affordable SEO Service

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Some of the most affordable SEO service choices stream from the companies that offer you downloadable kits that you can install on your computer and begin using SEO tools for search engine optimization.

Most times when you search for services that offer SEO solutions you find that many of them cater to the large or mid-size companies rather than the home-based businesses. The key to finding the right company to match your needs is to seek SEO companies that offer packages for all types of businesses.

Searching for such sites should drive you to find SEO companies that allow you to get free quotes. When you can get quotes, you can compare packages with other services to determine which option is more affordable to you.

SEO services tend to offer a selection of packages in which the company may offer keyword research, page-by-page optimization, and link analysis. Some companies offer complete deals which they will thoroughly optimize your web pages including the design, web content, Meta, keywords, and so forth. Services that offer such packages may provide you with affordable rates but it pays to check out pricing with other companies to compare the deals.

Mentors of SEO typically offer new businesses hosting and design packages. The average SEO Company hires SEO experts and designers to take care of your business needs. SEO experts specialize in optimizing web pages while designers focus on design, thus they combine their skills to create an effective solution for successfully businesses. Each web site offers pricing, yet SEO services cannot because they must estimate your needs based on cost. Getting quotes can help them offer you affordable pricing.

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Internet Based Marketing

Monday, June 29th, 2009

In this article, I am going to go over a few key points as to why internet based marketing will give you a better return on your investment over that of offline marketing. Let?s begin with an example.

Let’s say that you go to your local newspaper and tell them that you want to place an ad with them. While you’re there, you ask what their circulation is (their number of readers). They give you an estimate. You also ask them what their demographics are. They give you a general answer, because they don’t really know.

So you place the ad in the classified section and wait to see what happens. By the way, on your ad you put a code on your website URL so you know how many visitors you are getting from that ad, and second, with the phone number you also add a code, so you know where the calls are coming from.

In the interim, you wait for your ad to go out on the next edition of the newspaper. After a week, you start to get some traffic and calls, and then you measure that against the price of your ad. You may find that with ten leads, the ad is costing $5.00 per visitor with a total ad cost of $50.00.

In this example, we do very well and make one sale. Now, you may get other trickle in calls over the coming weeks, as often, people keep the newspaper and respond to an ad later.

Let’s compare this with internet based advertising. First off, try a pay per click ad campaign. This allows you to narrowly target your campaign by using the keywords of your choice which you think are relevant to your product or service and that will attract visitors to your site. You can also try out more general keywords and see what results you get.

Your ad goes live within fifteen minutes, using Google as an example. You only pay for people who click on your link and in this case you are paying $1.00 per click. Let?s say you convert at 2%. So you spend $100 to make two sales.

However the advantage here is that you can track which keywords are leading to keywords, and which are not and refine your ad campaign accordingly to maximize your conversions.This makes your campaign more cost effective, not to mention bringing in more sales than a newspaper ad.

If you’ve also used more general keywords, you can track how much traffic that this approach has netted you. On the other side of the coin, you’ll be able to place ads on websites whose readerships demographics match the market you’re targeting.

The main advantage to this internet based marketing model is the ability to closely track how your ads are performing. This allows you to maximize the revenue stream brought n by your campaign in a way traditional advertising never could.

Another point to make is that pay per click is only one way to advertise online. You can also use other cost-effective marketing techniques online, such as targeted article writing relevant to your business, writing a press release, and running advertisements in complementary online e-zines. Perhaps the most effective of these, though, is e-mail marketing, as long as it’s done correctly.

Internet based marketing can significantly reduce your costs. It can also provide more information that lets you run more efficient and better marketing campaigns. In addition, your turnaround time is faster so that you get better information much sooner than you do with traditional venues.

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Has Your CTR Dropped Through The Floor

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

In OK to Make Money Online today, let’s look at why your CTR (click through rate) just dropped to the floor. Maybe a friend, co-worker, or an article you read told you the latest thing was the new social networks, and that these networks could drive loads of traffic to your site. Then it occurred to you — more traffic, more money. But your CTR starting dropping just after you started getting tons of traffic from one of the social networks! Why?

Did you happen to notice at about the same time, Google started sending groups of ads to your make money site instead of the single high performance ad? On the other hand, did your ads turn into public address ads? Now listen up: social traffic is not buying traffic. Google and the advertisers already know this, and they will downgrade your ads to low performing ads. The advertiser wants qualified, targeted buyers for their products or services. They want people in the mood to buy so they can make money. They know some will be researching and some just looking, but if they did their job right, the customer will be back to buy.

When you direct traffic from a social networking site to your site, you must make it the latest buzz. The “must have that thing” to be cool. Again, you are directing a buyer. Who cares if it’s the latest pet rock craze they are a buyer. Nevertheless, if it is not a craze or the latest “got to have,” then Google will detect this and so will the advertiser. When this happens, Google will place low performing ads in your Adsense slots and you will not make money.

This makes sense to the advertiser and is good business for Google. The advertiser (and therefore Google) wants the people that click the ads to be purchase-oriented, not social. They want to turn that click into a purchase for the advertiser, and so do you so you will make money. If you are driving social traffic to your site, they are looking around, and not likely to be buying anything the advertiser is selling In response to this, Google will steer this traffic and the advertiser away from you by placing low performing ads on your site.

So the best thing you can do for yourself is write good articles that promote your keyword, and hence the advertiser’s product or service. Then Google rewards you with better performing ads. Remember: Google wants you to be the leading expert and the most popular guy/girl on the block. Not for the social network groups, but for the purchasing groups or groups that will be converted to buyers. And isn’t this what you want to do to make money.


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Rank Higher With Do It Yourself Seo

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Social Profiles: Create 1-2 profiles on social media sites on a weekly basis. Find sites in your niche, as well as sites that have a high PageRank and can bring in quality traffic. Build html backlinks from those sites back to your web site. (Weekly)

Create Alerts On Q&A Web sites: Set up alerts that allow you to monitor Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers for questions that are asked and are relevant to your industry. When you get an alert that a relevant question has been asked, respond to those questions as a way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and to build backlinks and traffic to your web site. (Daily)

Social Bookmarking: After you’ve created quality content on your site, bookmark the content on high traffic and relevant social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking should be done with every post you believe is of the highest quality, and really, shouldn’t all your content be high quality? (Per Post)

Buzz: Monitor the keywords you’ve selected to target and respond every time those keywords are mentioned in blog posts, forums, twitter status updates, or articles on the web. Blog commenting, forum responses, and social networking commenting are tasks you should be doing on a daily basis. (Daily)

Content Generation: Write how-to and informative articles and post them on high PageRank and highly trafficked sites. In the resource box, link back to your web site with one or two keywords. Monitor social networking sites, industry newsletters, and google blogs for ideas for new content. (Weekly)

Competitive Backlink: Monitor your competition and the backlinks they are building. Every time you get an alert (or manually check) that a new backlink is created, try to procure a backlink from that web site to your site. (Weekly)

COnsider Directory Submission: Search for relevant directories that you can submit your web site to. Quality directories will have a high PageRank and include categories that are relevant to your niche. (Weekly)

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Making Money Online – It Doesn’t Have to Be a Mystery

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

No doubt you have heard about those who have made big money online. Making this type of money on the web may seem like a bit of a mystery to you, but it doesn’t have to be. You see, one of the best ways for both beginners and those more advanced alike to make money online is with affiliate marketing.

You can use affiliate marketing and quickly learn to earn a nice income online. There is no big secret here. This is something you can learn yourself. Ready to find out how? Let’s take a look.

The great thing about getting involved with affiliate marketing is that there are many great programs out there that you can use to get started. Instead of taking the long way to earn money, these programs can help to get you up to speed on affiliate marketing and the important things that you need to know.

A good program that offers instruction in affiliate marketing techniques can give you the shortcut to earning with affiliate marketing. It gets you on target and up to speed on the techniques you must know to get started and on your way to success.

The best programs on affiliate marketing have a lot to offer. If you are looking for a good program, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that provides you with step by step instructions on how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

Look for a program that has good forums where you can interact with others who are experienced in affiliate marketing. You should also look for blueprints to making cash online in a good program, and instructional videos are going to be part of a quality program too.

Why not take the easy route and learn from others about affiliate marketing. You beat the learning curve and can start earning faster when you know the inside information. Take the time to get knowledge from those who have the experience and carefully take a look at their mistakes and learn from them. This way you don’t have to go through all the mistakes yourself. It will help you begin earning faster and you won’t experience the setbacks of others. This is the best way to get on track and to begin earning at home with affiliate marketing.

So, if you are ready to make money online, it’s no mystery. The real key behind being able to make a great income on the web is learning from others and then taking that information to make yourself a success in affiliate marketing as well.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Niche Marketing

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Niche marketing can be defined as marketing to a subset of a larger market segment. Although the market size will not be very big, the needs of such a market will have the advantage of being much more focused.

Online, niche marketing usually refers to the technique of entering a niche market in which the search engine competition is low compared to the potential or profitability of the market. Usually, you will go about it in this way:

* Research keywords that a surfer will use to find what they want. Look out for those particular keywords which has a good potential for profit and not a lot of competition in the search engine rankings.

* Build a website or blog for Adsense revenue or revenue from other ad networks. You can also aim to sell your own or affiliate products.

* Use on-page SEO techniques to optimize the website for the targeted keywords.

* Get other websites and blogs to link to your website using the usual link building techniques like link exchanges, article submissions, directory submissions, etc.

* Just continue building backlinks using the previous techniques until your website or blog is ranked in the position that you want in Google.

There are many variations of the above steps as they will depend on your strengths, your long term goals and the topic of the blog or website in question. What is listed above are the normal steps carried out.

Expected Cost

The only thing that I think you really must pay for is your web hosting and your domain name. A web hosting account that allows multiple domains goes for about $10 a month. A domain name costs about $10 a year, or less than $1 per month.

Other than the obligatory domain name and web hosting, there are some services that can increase your productivity:

* Good content for your blogs, articles and websites is key to your success and, unfortunately, also takes the most time to generate. Paying for content might be a good investment.

* Submitting your article to the various websites, blogs and article directories will take up a lot of your time as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them out there. Article submission software, especially those that avoids sending out duplicate content, is well worth the investment.

* Getting other webmasters to exchange links with you would also take up a large portion of your time. There are some services that brings together webmasters interested in link exchanges, and some would even monitor the backlinks resulting from link exchanges for you.

Skills Needed

A relatively good command of English would definitely be recommended, especially if you intend to write the content and articles yourself. You don’t have to be a writer, but you must at least be able to write grammatically correct sentences and be disciplined enough to spell check your work.

When you are starting out, you will be doing a lot of the computer and web related work yourself. You will find yourself installing software, updating your name servers, configuring your web hosting package, and other related stuff. You don’t have to be a computer whiz as instructions will be provided, but you do have to be computer literate enough to understand those instructions.

I have broken down niche marketing into a series of simple steps. But those steps cannot be looked at in isolation. You must look at those steps as part of a business, a niche marketing business. As a niche marketer, you are the boss of your niche marketing business. And the decisions that you make for your business must be made not as the niche marketer but as the boss of the niche marketing business.

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Mothers And Blog Revolution

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

There is a whole range of gains that new mothers can reap from blogging, and the spectrum covers everything from getting through the night to helping distant relatives feel closer.

Having a blog about living with a new child can give mothers the chance to reflect on how powerful and warm the sensation of motherhood is, and sometimes sharing the triumphs of this unique time can make them even sweeter. Luckily, the blogosphere is full of other moms in the same situation, and by chatting with them it is possible to overcome some of the loneliness that many new mothers are surprised to encounter.

Taking care of an infant is an almost incredible amount of work, and between changing diapers and putting the final touches on the nursery, it seems unrealistic to imagine that there would be time left over for any mother to blog. For moms who are not able to successfully juggle a full social life with the very tough demands of taking care of a new baby, blogging can be a great way to stave off the isolation that sometimes comes with this stage of life.

A blog is a great way to keep friends and family updated with news about your baby’s first words or first steps, and with new technology it is easier than ever to make photos and video clips a part of your blog, so you can give far-away relatives the chance to feel much more involved in your child’s life. Among the reasons why, for a mom dealing with the hassles and triumphs of a baby, blogging is a great idea, is that having a blog about motherhood is a great way to blow off some steam. Many new moms turn to television to help them weather these dawn vigils, but by blogging through the night moms can turn what feels like a somewhat depressing situation into an actively positive and productive one. Of course, for a mom with an adorable new baby, blogging can be as much about celebration as it is about necessity. For the mother of a new baby, blogging is likely to be the last thing on her mind.

Another reason why new moms often find blogging very satisfying is that it aids them to be a part of a community. Babies often have very erratic sleep patterns that leave parents up at odd hours of the night, and sometimes the best way to fill those hours is on the internet. A baby requires constant attention, and it can be difficult to attend social gatherings or events when you are responsible for an infant. Notwithstanding, a growing number of new moms are joining the blogosphere to share their experiences during this exciting time of life.

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Secret Gold Guide – WoW Gold Tips

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

So more or less you want to know how to make WoW gold quickly. Perhaps you want to make some new deals with the journeyman tutors. Nicest thing is this article is just about WoW gold tips or the ways on how to make gold quickly. This article is mainly for WoW gamer just like you.

How to Make WoW Gold Quickly

● Going Through the Best Places

To make WoW gold quickly, go through the best places. There can be many places but the best can be Scarlet City and the Weeping Cave. You can go first in the Scarlet City and make gold off the North West Plaguelnds’s Scarlet Spell Binders. Within the area you can also find the Sentinels and Scarlet Priests from where you can take advantage of the epic items and rune cloth that can be costly. You can then go in the Weeping Cave which can be found in the Eastern Part of the Western Plaguelands. Within the area you can encounter a lot of mobs. You can kill them to get some recipes drops that will help you make WoW gold quickly.

● Using the Three of the Most Lucrative Wow Professions

To make Wow gold quickly, use the three of the most lucrative Wow professions – Mining, Fishing, and Herbalism. They must be used and be maximized. By doing so, WoW gold can be pulled in at high speeds from level 5 onwards.

Mining and herbalism appear attractive to many but fishing is believed to be more apt to pull in WoW gold quickly.

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